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autumn 2023

Embark on a captivating journey through Mexico’s diverse and vibrant landscape with the latest season of Horizons, where each episode transports us into a different world, providing in-depth insights into the complex forces shaping each culture and ecosystem. Along the way, we will meet the unwavering vaqueros who inspired the cowboys that the world knows today, catch up with the Raramuri people above the canyons of the mysterious Sierra Tarahumara, discover the courageous work of conservationists who protect jaguars among timeless Mayan ruins and dangerous drug cartels, and dive with biologists in the underwater world of the Sea of Cortez. Through interviews with experts, scholars, and members of local communities, we will gain a nuanced understanding of their histories and challenges, delving into the daily lives of the people we encounter. To get a taste of the flavors this new season will bring, here are some insights into each episode.

Horizons is a series delving into real-life stories that go beyond the common narrative. Each season centers on a specific country, where we uncover a myriad of topics ranging from culture and history to geopolitics and conservation. Our aim is to bring to light unheard-of stories and challenge preconceived notions, offering viewers an immersive and eye-opening experience.

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