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Adventurers who document real life stories in film, photo & podcast.

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We love to go on adventures camera in hand and document captivating stories and projects around the world. We also run a self titled Youtube channel where we share our journey through vlogs, tutorials, behind the scenes, and many other things related to the stuff we do. We also produce a podcast, Life on the Edge, where we share the insights and wisdom of inspiring explorers, athletes, entrepreneurs and real life heroes through immersive stories they co narrate with us.

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In April of 2019, we went to Egypt with the mission to build urban farms on Cairo’s rooftops and enable the people to grow cheaper, healthier food at home. That’s what went down.

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If you want to learn from real-life heroes, cutting edge explorers, experts, athletes, and entrepreneurs, but also from Estelle and Ramy’s adventures with them around the world, this podcast is for you.

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" Estelle and Ramy are explorers of truth, of immense talent, so essential today! "

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