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We love to go on adventures camera in hand and document captivating stories and projects around the world. We also run a self-titled Youtube channel where we share our journey through vlogs, tutorials, behind the scenes, and many other things related to the stuff we do. We also produce and host a podcast, Life on the Edge, where we share the insights of inspiring athletes, explorers, entrepreneurs and real life heroes through immersive stories we-co narrate with them.

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Filmmakers Estelle Geneux & Ramy Fouda will be immersed in the cradle of Pre History, where they will uncover the story of Fabrice Leclerc and his mission to regenerate life on earth to create a better, more intelligent future, guided by ancestral knowledge.

Porsche G Wagon

We filmed the exact replica of the Mercedes G Wagon that was supporting the first Porsche cars taking part in the Paris Dakar Rally in 1986.

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If you want to learn from inspiring explorers, athletes, humanitarians and entrepreneurs pushing the limits of the possible, this podcast is for you! Discover freaky people doing freaky things.

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" Estelle & Ramy are explorers of truth, of immense talent, so essential today! "

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