Photographers, Videographers, Adventurers, Storytellers

Hi there and welcome on our website! If you’ve arrived through our Instagram or YouTube channel you probably already know who we are. If not, here’s a few words about us.

We are Estelle and Ramy and we come from Switzerland. If there is one thing you should know about us, it’s this: there are three rules that we live by. First, life is priceless and can end at any moment. So you shouldn’t waste any single minute of it doing things that are not truly meaningful to you. 

Second, the meaning of life is something very personal and subjective and you should let no one define it for you. We get to decide what it is.  Yes, we know, it seems obvious…but think of it! How many of us are stuck in uninspiring daily routines? And look at how most people have similar lives when most of us have different passions and aspirations. 

Finally, whatever it is that you have decided to do, do it 100%! Always be content, but never satisfied.

Applying these rules to ourselves, this is what our life is about: coming alive and experiencing the magic of life through our cameras, living breathtakingly wild adventures around the world, telling our story and the stories of the inspiring people that we meet, and doing our best to do some good along the way.

We believe in the power of stories. What do you believe in?