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Photographers, Filmmakers, Adventurers, Storytellers

Hi there and welcome! We are Estelle & Ramy.

What we truly love is to use video making as a tool to tell inspiring stories and document important subjects. When you challenge yourself to get out there and explore what’s outside of your comfort zone, you realise that there are so many stories worth sharing. Stories of courage, of selflessness, of devotion and hope! We believe that there’s nothing more powerful than storytelling to convey emotions and inspire people to change, or to care more about a given topic and we want to use our voice to speak up and stand for what we believe is important.

So concretely what this means is that, we travel around the world with our gear on the lookout for inspiring people and projects and we document what we discover. We are currently working on our biggest project yet: it is a documentary about wildlife rangers around the world.

The documentary itself will not come out before next year, but in the meantime we will soon start documenting the whole process of creating this film. We’ll cover every step, talk about the challenges we run into, the adventures and trips we go on to film, share how we prepare for those trips, special trainings we have to go through, every single piece of work that comes into this, we will share it with you here as well as on all the platforms out there.

In short, this is what our life is about: coming alive and experiencing the magic of life through our cameras, living breathtakingly wild adventures around the world, telling our story and the stories of the inspiring people we meet, and doing our best to do some good along the way.

We believe in the power of stories. What do you believe in?