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Gully - Bike by Liaudet Pial

Plumbers on a Bike

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As the majority of us now live in cities  (56% of the global population), the question of how we design, build and run these giant concrete jungles is a high priority topic. This comes with its fair share of challenges: replacing cars with softer alternatives, creating greener spaces to improve air quality or simply reinventing how businesses interact with residents are all problematics that many of us will be confronted to sooner or later. 

One of the simple yet extremely elegant softer alternatives to cars is…BIKES! 

As innovation comes in many forms, in the classical yet essential industry that is plumbing and pipelines maintenance, Gully Bike (starting in Bern, Switzerland ) chose biking as an answer to some of the challenges our cities face while preserving their high level of service they’ve been known for in the past 20 years. 

Instead of bringing the heavy-duty cars or trucks for your everyday pipe hassles that would create traffic congestion and air pollution, you’d get a faster, cheaper, eco friendly yet professional and fully equipped friendly neighbourhood plumber right at your doorstop in minutes. 

Enjoy the story! (in Swiss German, we hope you don’t mind…)


Liaudet Pial SA || Gully-Bike


~7 minutes


Mini documentary, story sharing


Bern Switzerland


Swiss German


Estelle Geneux

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Lausanne, Switzerland

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