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Flying through Giga Berlin

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We were contacted by our friend Timothée Peter when he talked to us about this crazy idea of flying a drone in the Berlin Giga Factory and make a virtual visit. The immersive type. Like. “Reaaaally immersive to the point where no other car manufacturer would even think about it…”. A team was assembled where a drone pilot, people recording sound, sound designers, editors, points of contacts were needed to make it a reality. We were involved in the sound recording and flew to Berlin, to the factory, to record the sound of the machines at the different workshops for these to be used and layered in the edit. Ferdinand Wolf was the hero piloting the drone. Very few people would have been able to fly through the machines the way he did. These are sensitive machines you know! We made the initial edit that was aired at the factory during launch day (yeah, that day when Elon Musk was dancing).  The German agency HYVE audio made the (amazing) sound design.  The final public edit was made  internally by Kevin McDonald (we were in South Africa and couldn’t complete it since a shorter version was required and no internet was available in the bush). 

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