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Tailor-made video trainings for your company.

Scale your training efforts. Align your workforces. Engage your people.

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Scalable across markets.

No matter the size of your company, scale your training efforts easily with video content. We offer subtitles in most languages so that you can distribute your eLearning material across all markets and bring consistency to your company education programs.

Tailor-made for your company.

We help you align your workforces on any topic you need, such as onboarding programs, culture accommodation, management frameworks or ERP trainings. Your content. Your style. 

Trackable performance.

Video gives you the ability to track the performance of your training programs by monitoring watch time, click through rates, attendees numbers etc. It also includes interactive elements such as quizzes to make sure the information is well understood.

Let’s have a chat and define how we can help you take your video training efforts to the next level. We’ll talk about everything you need to know before we get down to work.

We’ll define the script and visuals, who is going to present the class (we can welcome someone from your company), the shots list of any relevant demonstration you need to make (product demo etc.), the number of episodes in the class…

This is where we produce the class. We film the main material and record the voice overs.

We’ll edit the first episode of the class, called the pilot. We’ll send it to you for review and you’ll tell us what you want to change if you have any suggestion before we edit the next episodes following the same style and structure.

All files will be delivered to you via a download link in both HQ and Compressed quality  to suit your hosting solution, in either 1080p HD or 4K.

You’ll have one round of correction per file.

Easy process.

More perks you'll love.


We help you create quizzes and interactive material to offer your teams the best support to assimilate and apply the learning material.


We provide the class in either French or English, and we can translate and subtitle your trainings in most foreign languages.

Yours. Forever.

Your training, your videos. Once the content is produced, it is yours to use, forever. Isn’t that great ? Yep. It is. No recurring payments, no headache.


We make high quality and engaging video classes using techniques such as storytelling to provide an enjoyable and seamless learning experience focused on results.


Be sure you’ll have real people answer your calls and reply to your emails. You get your own personal creative team with the mission to help you achieve your goals.


Give your teams the autonomy to engage with learning material anywhere they want, anytime, without relying on physical presence or the need to juggle with tight schedules.

Have a look.

What clients are saying.

Students reviews.

4.92 out of 5 | 54 reviews
Yves Pernet | Ferring
Yves Pernet | Ferring
Global TechOps IT Partner
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I completed the Agile Essentials training and I must say, this is the best training I have followed here at Ferring. The quality of the videos in terms of content and aesthetic is really good.
Giulio Vannini | Ferring
Giulio Vannini | Ferring
Senior Analytics Lead "Data Asset" Program
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I really enjoyed watching the video series and was impressed by the quality of storyboard and storytelling.
Simon Billot | Ferring
Simon Billot | Ferring
Head of CIO Office & IT transformation
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Great presenters, great content. I would recommend this format to anyone with the desire to ramp up the skills of their teams.
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Frequently asked questions.


We have our recording studio in Morges, Switzerland in the Canton of Vaud.

From €15’000 to €30’000 depending on factors such as training length, amount of pre production, actors, animations, production schedule and deadlines etc.

We promise absolute confidentiality when it comes to your trainings. We know industry specific content can have many secrets, especially for internal use. We’ll gladly sign your NDAs or provide ours to sign.

We’ll spend time with you to define the creative direction and content so that we all get aligned before we hit record. We’ll produce a pilot episode and send it to you for feedback so you can tell us if you love it or if you think it’s terrible (never happened but…we never know).

Once we fine tune the pilot and the format is accepted, we’ll produce the whole thing! Easy peasy. 


We’ll first have a call to discuss your needs and define together an angle for your trainings. Then, we’ll make you a proposal based on what we talked about. If you already have the script and content ready, then we’ll be able to produce your class right away. If you don’t, we’ll have to spend some time crafting the class together. And from there, it’s pretty straightforward. We produce the content and keep you in the loop at each step.

Absolutely. All work, from creation to production, can be done remotely.

The content is yours, forever. 

We got you covered with our commercial music and graphics licenses so you’re really free to use the videos in any of your projects, private or commercial. 

No royalties. No headache.

Of course! We’d be happy to welcome you in the studio. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions and to ensure the safety of everyone, we’d have to welcome one person at a time.


We fluently speak English and French.

We provide subtitles in English, French and most foreign languages such as Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Hindi etc.

Your team.

Estelle Geneux

Founder & Creative Director

Ramy Fouda

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Amazing projects. Happy Clients.

Let's make your training.

We’ll have a quick chat to get a better idea of how we can help you and tell you everything you need to know before we can let the cameras roll !


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Your training is awaiting !

We’ll learn about your goals and needs during a quick call so that you have a better idea of how we can help and what we can do for you.

No engagement. 100% free.

No engagement. 100% free.

Your training is awaiting !

We’ll learn about your goals and needs by phone or email so that you have a better idea of how we can help and what we can do for you.

No engagement. 100% free.

No engagement. 100% free.