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Reimagining drone flying.

We worked hard to tell the story of these guys crafting motion controllers in a garage with the mission to develop strong partnerships. We spent months filming action videos and building a strong network of pilots to bring the product closer to its core users.

Hexagon Bar


We made a series of photos to enhance the brand of a bar in Switzerland shortly after its reopening. The place had gone through some renovations and now, it was calling for a very specific atmosphere building.

Team Rigot

Sailing at
1500 meters

A challenge. Sailing a mountain lake in Switzerland. We joined Fabrice Rigot for an epic climb and the promise of a thrilling adventure documenting his journey.

How we can help.

Content Strategy

We find captivating ways of telling your story through audio, video and written content. It’s not about doing it all, it’s about using the right media to convey an authentic message.


We build your studio and train you so that you can have your own podcasting show (yay!). We’ll edit and distribute your episodes as well, on all platforms available.

Film production

Whether you’d like to launch a Youtube channel, produce corporate vlogs or make a  film for your brand, we got you covered. As long as your content is story driven.


We create stunning visuals to enhance your brand and define your visual signature. You don’t have to just take our words on that one. Just have a look around.


What our friends

Estelle and Ramy are explorers of truth, of immense talent, so essential today! We worked together on a film about a World Heritage site, a life sanctuary I founded in France and that was recently protected by Unesco. I loved their creative vision and the way they crafted and they pieced the story together to deliver the message I wanted to convey to the world. We are still working together today and this friendship we developed around that project is what I truly loved working with them. 

Let's bring your story to life.

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