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Reimagining drone flying

We worked hard over 6 months to tell the story of these guys crafting a brand new controller for drones. We pushed the product to the limits while filming the main master video packed with action scenes to showcase the potential of such a product.

Hexagon Café Bar


We made a series of photos to define the visual atmosphere of a bar in Switzerland to highlight the reopening post lockdown. The place went through some renovations and it was time to give it a fresh start with some classy sassy  visuals.

Sthenos Movement

Street workout athletes

A collective of athletes with the mission to build one of the largest sports centers in Switzerland dedicated to underserved disciplines such as calisthenics, gymnastics, cross training… We were given the task to shoot the official team portraits.

Team Rigot

Sailing at 1500m of altitude

A challenge. Sailing on a mountain lake in Switzerland. We joined Fabrice Rigot for an epic climb and the promise of a thrilling adventure documenting his journey.

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We specialise in extreme outdoors and sports activities. We go the extra mile and make sure we capture your expeditions and adventures. Let’s roll, shall we ?!


We create stunning visuals to enhance your brand and define your visual signature. You don’t have to take our words on that one. Just have a look around.


We’ll build your recording studio and train you so that you can run your own show (yay!). We’ll edit and distribute your episodes as well on all available platforms.

Content Strategy

We find captivating ways of telling your story through audio and video content. It’s not about doing it all. It’s about telling your story using the right medium.


What our friends say

Estelle & Ramy are explorers of truth, of immense talent, so essential today! 

We worked together on a film about La Vallée Eternelle, a World Heritage Site and life sanctuary I founded in France and that was recently protected by UNESCO. 

I loved their creative vision and how they understood the spirit of the message I wanted to share with the world. We are still working together today and the friendship we built is something I loved when working with them. 

Let's bring your story to life.

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