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Reimagining drone flying

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The adventure

We made a strategy based on stories, content and real life interactions with the community to bring MotionPilot and their product vector to the next level. For two months, we filmed non stop. Sailors, super cars, mountain biking, landscapes, BMX, hiking, climbing, horse riding….we really put the product to the test and we were blown away by the fact that we could get into FPV flying in no time. 

Building a community

In addition to the content, we also wanted to connect with the product’s users: the pilots themselves and the aspiring FPV drone filmmakers. If they could test VECTOR and if they liked the experience, then we would know we had done things right! And we were not deceived. In one month, we traveled to Austria (twice), Germany, and France to meet these pilots and put the remote in their hand. Pilots such as Rensen FPV, Stéphane Couchoud, Fincky, Jtrue and DRL champion Gab707, and creators such as JR Alli. The reactions were incredible. The community loved the feeling and the user experience. We knew we were on a path to something extremely good. If the users say yes, then what more to ask? We can’t tell you how this story ends (yet) but be prepared for something that will blow your mind.

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