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summer 2023

This first season of Horizons is taking us to South Africa where we’ll be immersed in three different universes. How a music genre that you know (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) emerged from deep within the mines, and became an anthem of hope to generations of men? Why don’t we know more about the Great African Empires? And who are the Gumbis, the people who reclaimed their land damaged by the Apartheid regime and from its ashes made a thriving wildlife reserve. These stories will challenge the romanticised war on poaching by providing a more nuanced and inclusive approach to conservation, away from the hateful slogans. They will shed light on the reasons why we didn’t learn about Mapungubwe or Great Zimbabwe, which are among the great state level societies of pre colonial Africa. We’ll finally witness the courage, grit and resilience of generations of mine workers for whom art and music brought colours to the grey reality they found themselves living in during the apartheid.

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Episode 1

The Forgotten Empires of Africa

Episode 2

The Anthem of Hope

Episode 3


Horizons is a series delving into real-life stories that go beyond the common narrative. Each season centers on a specific country, where we uncover a myriad of topics ranging from culture and history to geopolitics and conservation. Our aim is to bring to light unheard-of stories and challenge preconceived notions, offering viewers an immersive and eye-opening experience.

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