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Estelle G. & Ramy F. Present

The eternal valley

In the heart of the Périgord Noir, in France, there is a place where 50’000 years ago, around a fire, we shared our first stories and imagined our world. Today, to preserve life on earth, home is welcoming us to imagine again.


In The Eternal Valley, filmmakers Estelle Geneux & Ramy Fouda will be immersed in the cradle of prehistory, where they will uncover the story of Fabrice Leclerc and his mission to regenerate life on earth to create a better, more intelligent future, guided by ancestral knowledge. In this cinematic documentary, Estelle & Ramy will uncover the secrets of the past with archeologists, activists and scientists to understand our role in one of the most important battles of our times: the fight for life on Earth. Reconnecting will take a new meaning in this Life Sanctuary where nature and ancient wisdom co-exist. More than that, it’ll be about reconnecting with one another around the fire like we used to thousands of years ago in a place blessed with magical surroundings that we’ve called Home since the dawn of humanity. 


The region of Les Eyzies-de-Tayac is known to be one of the most important hub for studying our ancestors. It is where we found the remains of the Man of Cro-Magnon in the cave of the same name. Countless objects were discovered in the Eternal Valley such as old calendars and tools used 50’000 years ago.This, is the stage of the movie we’re making. The Valley is also home of one of the oldest wall carvings of a salmon, the famous Abri du Poisson, as well as one of the purest water springs in Europe. A wealth of biodiversity and ancient wisdom lies in this place and we’re going to uncover those secrets to learn how to better imagine our future. 


In this movie, we’ll follow Fabrice Leclerc in the Valley while he tells us about his vision, shares his stories and ambitions for the future. We’ll learn about how he and his ancestors fought to protect the sanctuary. We’ll learn secrets and lessons of the past by meeting with scientists and anthropologists as we’ll be in the cradle of prehistory. We want this movie to be immersive, instructive, and enlightening. 

From August 6th to August 22nd 2021

Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, Périgord Noir, France

Runtime: 15min

Host: Estelle Geneux

Style: Cinematic Story based Documentary

Main character: Fabrice Leclerc

Supporting characters: Archeologists, Scientists etc.

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Fabrice Leclerc.

Founder of the eternal valley

He is the founder of the eternal valley, a biodiversity & elements sanctuary, granted by Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia as one of the leading project on the quest for natural health & longevity. Fabrice Leclerc is an innovator & entrepreneur who believes that making life better is the reason of any modern business. Over the last twenty years, Leclerc has pioneered innovation as a driving force of positive social & environmental evolution. Fabrice is an angel of the Swiss Federal Institute of technology and a mentor in the digital & sharing economy. He partners with Yves Behar at Fuseproject in San Francisco.

Episode 1.

Home will always be home.

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In this first chapter of the story we filmed in 2018, we shared the message of the place by introducing the world to the Valley, to Home. Now, it’s about remembering our roots and learning about the initiative on a deeper, more profound level, 

Immersion in the past.

As we’ll be learning about ancient ways of living and forgotten wisdom, we’ll also have to craft costumes to make the film immersive. Stories around the fire, hunting, gathering, walking in the woods… 

These scenes will be played by Estelle & Ramy. The costumes will be custom-made with premium fake fur and accessories to create a faithful, historically accurate representation of our ancestors.  


by SanDrine rudaz

California based Swiss French composer Sandrine Rudaz will be composing the original music of the film. Sandrine won Best Orchestration at the 17th Garden State Film Festival, feature films such as The Shell and Aylesbury Estate, and short films such as the award-winning Kneeling Sheep. Sandrine’s work for full orchestra Aurore Boréale has been recognised with a Jerry Goldsmith Award nomination, a global Music Award, and a Hollywood Music in Media Award. 


A piece of the valley

Offering a piece of the Valley for people to decorate their homes is a wonderful idea to get their support in exchange of something beautiful. 



The film will be the embodiment of the message and the pillar of the next step in spreading the word.


A series of highly artistic and beautiful pictures of the place with landscapes, modern day adventurers and primal civilisation mise-en-scène.


We’ll film relaxing scenery to be used by Alessia Di Pietro for her to record meditation content on for Youtube playlists or podcasts.


The original soundtrack will be released as a playlist for people to enjoy the epic, ethnic, cinematic chills provided by various talented Artists.


We’ll record the sounds of the birds, rivers, fire and forests of the Valley for people to enjoy a relaxing moment immersed in the place.


The content will be used in prints, stationary elements, invitations, etc.

Previous film.

Greening Cairo, by Estelle Geneux & Ramy Fouda

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We graduated from the Master of Information Systems at HEC Lausanne in Switzerland in June 2019 and we decided that a regular office job was not for us. 

We always loved going on adventures and we chose to build our own brand and do what truly inspires us: video making, photography and storytelling. What we truly love is to use video making as a tool to tell inspiring stories and document important subjects. 

We believe that there’s nothing more powerful than storytelling to convey emotions and inspire people to change, or to care more about a given topic and we want to use our voice to speak up and stand for what we believe is important. In 2019 we made a documentary called GREENING CAIRO about our project of building hydroponic farms in Egypt to help people grow cheaper, healthier produce given the pressure and challenges that agriculture is facing in the region. 


Under a mongolian sky, by Samp Potter & Nainoa langer

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Join the fight for life regeneration on earth

By taking part in this project, your investment will be used to fund the production of the movie, including film distribution, costume design, travel and accommodation. The remaining funds will be invested in conservation and life regeneration efforts in the Valley and beyond.


chf 1'000.-


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chf 6'000.-

*Location and date to be determined.

**Schedule and conditions to be discussed with the team. 2 nights in private accommodation, meals, private tour of the Valley, and activities included for 2 people. Transport to the Valley is not included. 

***Cocktail event with the production team and Fabrice Leclerc. Location and time to be determined. The event is open to four people.

Sponsors are selected based on the team’s appreciation and values alignment. We have the right to refuse a sponsoring offer from a potential partner. 


other amount

If you’d like to sponsor this adventure with another amount or contribution, let’s have a chat!

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Welcome to the Valley! Your contribution will be of great help in telling this story and further protecting the local ecosystems. Please fill up the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.


Welcome to the Valley! Your contribution will be of great help in telling this story and further protecting the local ecosystems. Please fill up the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.


Welcome to the Valley! Your contribution will be of great help in telling this story and further protecting the local ecosystems. Please fill up the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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