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Exploring Egypt

From gigantic canyons in Sinai, to the majestic pyramids of Giza, and from the buzzing chaos of Cairo to the villages hidden from the eyes of the foreigners, this, is Egypt.

Our latest film

Now or Never

Here’s a reminder to ourselves. Time flies and there’s not a single minute to lose on thoughts keeping us in illusions. It’s time to move. It’s now or never.



We tested the world’s first FPV drone motion controller made by a startup from the EPFL. This is what went down!


Greening Cairo

Back in April we went to Egypt to build rooftop farms in Cairo and help people grow cheaper and healthier food. This is what happened!


Estelle in NYC

Estelle’s adventures in New York city during her internship at the scientific consulate of Switzerland.


Droning a Cave

This is the the story of our adventure in France, documenting a World Heritage Site. Using our skills to raise awareness about our planet and try to protect our environment is something we particularly value and that drives us.


Eternal Valley

You’ve probably seen the vlog, and here is the final video we made about the Eternal Valley. It’s a message that resonated with us, and we tried to translate it the best way we could. Home will always be home.